January 2, 2013

Nana's Visit

 cooking in the kitchen the morning after Christmas
"going to work in Berkley," she said as Kim and I exchanged glances and laughed
 kicking over the castle blocks from Auntie Kathleen
 modeling new "princess dresses" as Rachael inspects the doll crib Santa brought
 Tony's cure to the winter blues
 wheelbarrow ride!
On the day after Christmas, we hit the zoo with Nana.
Thank you, Mom, for our family membership good for the year!
 watching the elephants get bathed
Did you know that elephants poop 100-300 lbs. a day?
Roger Williams Zoo has 3 elephants. That's 300-900 lbs. of poop a day to scoop!
 the giraffes were playing inside
 Jill and her Nana
 checking out the penguins
 and the barnyard animals

going to the zoo in the wintertime meant it wasn't crowded at all
Jill was offered the chance to pet "Max" the bunny here.
Here's a rarely seen pic of me and Jill since I'm usually the one behind the camera.
 on our way to the treehouse
Hi Nana!!

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