January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve Open House at Deb's
Jill and her buddy, Sophia

Jill was SO excited to go to Deb's that she was running around the house screaming and jumping around and she threw up on herself.  Seriously.  This is sweater #2.
 Christmas Eve post-party
Jill, Granna and I readied carrots for Santa's reindeer and a chocolate-frosted donut for Santa while Dad acted like an elf and assembled Jill's new kitchen in the basement.
 kiss goodnight

My Mom and I did some last minute wrapping in the other room and laughed when we saw that Santa's donut was already gone.  "Tony must be hungry," my Mom said.  Not quite.  Rachael, our dog, had helped herself.  We were laughing about it for a few days! 

ready to head to "Gi-Gi" Canning's
 cousins on Christmas Day at Gram Canning's house
 my little Santa
 This picture cracks me up!
The first ever gift swap was a success!
Lori and Hilary swapped scarves too. Hilary was called out on not really liking her new purple scarf!
Jill and Guy enjoyed playing the piano, even more so after Hilary taught Jill to use her forearm.
 Deb and Paula opening gifts
Christmas afternoon visitor - Nana!!
Jill's face when she first saw her new kitchen from Nana and Popa
 thrilled to pieces
one of Tony's favorite gifts
a helicopter from Kathleen he controls with his phone - it even shoots missiles (at Nana's head!)

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