December 6, 2012

On the Day You Were Born

Your father covered the couch in a blue tarp. We sat, watched the Patriots game and waited for your arrival. We waited too long and it was a mad dash to the hospital!
 and so you arrived 11 days early, a 6lb., 4oz. peanut
 as beautiful as can be
 We held you and couldn't believe you were ours.
 Here you are meeting Auntie Jess for the first time
 and Uncle Scott too
 just sleeping the day away, fooling us for when we got home
 getting ready to the leave the hospital
It's crazy to remember how small you were.
Your Dad could literally hold you in one hand.
And then all of the sudden you were a mischievous 1-year-old. Exploring the world and learning to walk.
 color-coordinating with Auntie Kathleen and Auntie Andrea
 not really interested in your birthday cake at Granna's house
Then 2011 flew by and you were 2, curious about everything and interested in the world.
Ready to get into trouble at Nana's house
And here we are tonight. 3 Years Later
Happy Birthday to you, our Jilly!

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