December 10, 2012

It's My Birthday!!

Jill woke up from her nap on Saturday afternoon to find out she was having a birthday party that afternoon.  She was so excited!  Here are some pictures from the party.  Thank you, Tim and Hesper, for taking pictures and downloading them in lightning speed!

 surprise! Jess made cake pops and they were DElicious!
 Jess made a cake and cupcakes too. YUMMMM

Yes, we had a bouncy castle in our house. 
Courtesy of Tim and Hesper


  1. I want a bounce house in my house! haha
    This looks like so much fun and I love your chalkboard wall! I have one too!
    Happy b-day my 2nd cuzz Jill!

  2. Bounce houses and chalkboard walls rule!!