September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Picking, Sort Of

Try explaining the difference of Kohl’s vs. Cole’s to an almost-3-year-old and see how you make out. That was what Tony and I were attempting yesterday afternoon in the truck with Jill when she figured out we were going to the department store and not her friend’s house. Tears streaming down her face. I pretended to call Mel (Cole’s Mom), telling Jill that Cole was napping anyway and that we would visit later on. So Jill says something like, “Mumma, I can play with Cole’s quiet toys until he wakes up.” Is this kid destined to be a lawyer? I’m leaning toward this prediction.

“Cole lives in the town called Swansea. And I live in the town called Berkley.” I don’t know where she’s coming up with these things but I don’t think we’ve actually said that our new house is located in Berkley. I mentioned this funny comment to Tyla (my friend and Jill’s new day care provider) this morning and she said her kids are mildly obsessed with the names of town, classmates’ addresses, etc. So I think Jill’s interest in geography is branching from Cadence and Colton. How cool is that? (Jill would imitate me here and repeat, “How cool is that Mummy??”)

The other funny phrase she’s been saying lately is “maybe not.”

Me: “Jill, it’s time to brush your teeth.”

Jill: “maybe not”

I suppose it’s more polite than yelling NO. It cracks us up every time she says it.

The weekend was busy but still somehow relaxing. While Tony was busy with landlord duties Saturday morning, Jill and I met Mel and Cole at Back Acres Farm in Middleboro. Please don’t ever go there. We drove down an unmarked path to the parking area for the pumpkin patch. There were so many mosquitos we couldn’t even open the car doors. We talked on our cell phones and quickly left. Even Jill noticed how shady the place was. “How are we gonna get out of here, Mummy??” Ummm, yeah, we’re leaving now. We ended up at Arrugo Farm in Dighton hopeful for a hayride but happy with a self-guided pumpkin patch tour via wagon. The patches were sad: unripe or overripe pumpkins stink and aren’t the prettiest backdrops for fall pictures of the kids. But we made the best of it and grabbed a calendar of events on our way out. Horse-drawn rides start in a few weeks. And lunch at Curley’s was delicious.

Unpacking and organizing continued throughout the weekend. We also did our first full grocery run and attempted some meal planning. Dinner and playtime at Mel and Brian’s house Sunday evening followed by my co-ed indoor soccer game at 8:40. Let me just say that I’m way too old to be playing soccer that late. We’ll leave it at that. I won’t mention the collisions and possible minor concussion. We can just say it was a physical game. I’m now considering a longer dress for Ethan and Mary Ellen’s wedding on Saturday so that I can cover up my bruises. Lovely.

my vain child likes to look at herself in the mirror, or fireplace glass, whatever
chilling with Mom at the kitchen counter
the kitchen might be the same size as the entire first floor of the old house!
 new hood
 the look!
excited to have big girl undies on
this didn't last very long...sadly

showing off her pumpkin
God, I love that goofy smile!!
 Monday night pasta with Dadda
 picnic in the living room
 She also likes to look at herself in the dining room window.
 on a pumpkin-related mission at Araujo's in Dighton
 No hayride? That's ok. We'll grab the wagon and head there ourselves!
 Jill and her buddy, Cole
 what a sad looking pumpkin patch
This one's not too shabby!

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  1. love this post:) awe, life!
    Yes, soccer games that late at your age! haha. My B-I-L, says the same thing about his hockey. Thanks for keeping us all posted!