September 21, 2012

Berkley Wildlife

Welcome to our home in the country. It’s not the ‘burbs; no, we’re more country than that. Berkley isn’t exactly rural America – it’s 6 minutes from Rt. 24 – but it is, as we’ve found out in our first week, a wildlife sanctuary. The welcoming party has included a massive woodchuck, a possum, a mating vixon (female fox) and 15 turkeys. Other everyday sightings include deer, horses walking down the main road, and two donkeys across the street from the café, an already-favorite spot of Jill’s for its chocolate ice cream with the appropriate label of Turkey Hill.
click here or above to hear the sound of a mating vixon
video from YouTube

Thanksgiving dinner?

This week we “immersed ourselves in local culture,” as Tony says, buy buying IPA and Golden Ale beer from Berkley Beer Company. Tony is more of an IPA man so he liked the darker beer while we both enjoyed the Golden Ale. Definitely planning to attend the next tasting event!

So one week down and things are going really well. One week down and many, many more memories to come!

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