September 8, 2012

Friday Night Back Home

After picking Jill up from Tyla's Friday afternoon, we stopped by the boatyard to see Tony.  He was leaving for Ethan's bachelor party for the weekend.  We headed back to Berkley and over the "choo choo train bridge" as Jill calls it and stopped at Carah's parents' house along the water.  Jill played with Patrick and Thomas (Carah's boys) and Cadence (Ca-Ca) and Colton (Colty), Tyla's kids.  They ran each other into the ground for an hour.  Literally.  Racing through the yard, playing hide n seek (that didn't go very well) and pushing each other in the swing. 

From Point Street we went to Scott and Jess's house.  They looked very nice as they were leaving to go out to dinner.  Jill played with Guy and Granna for a few hours while I met some high school friends at Curley's Pub.  It was a good night!

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