September 8, 2012

Family Painting Party

 scrape and paint, repeat.
Labor Day Weekend in Vermont
 our boss
playing with Auntie Kathleen and Andrea's American Girl dolls is much more fun than painting!

 I love this pic!
Jill successfully destroyed the living room and covered it with toys Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
 She also helped paint (with water) on Monday, while holding her baby.
Kathleen was a painting machine.  She even wore not-the-cutest sunglasses just in case the paint dripped!
 Uncle Chris
 Jill the helper
a leaf for my Nana

We drove to Burlington, VT Friday afternoon.  Jill was asleep at Tyla's house when we picked her and she continued her nap for a chunk of the ride.  Rachael (our dog) was SO excited to see us when we arrived at Nana's house.  Besides painting, we were able to relax and have some fun too.  Tony went sailing with Popa on Lake Champlain.  Jill and I visited my college roommate, Kelley, at the North Beach campground.  Silly me didn't bring a bathing suit for Jill and she ran right into the water, fully clothed.  I wish I had a camera with me!  Lake Champlain was so beautiful that afternoon, filled with boats and lined with the mountains as a backdrop.  Andrea and I spent some serious time at the Essex Outlets and picked Kathleen up on the way home for pedicures.  Monday morning on my jog along the bike path I had a close encounter with a deer.  She was about 15 yards away and didn't see me at first.  It was such an experience, and another time I wish I had a camera or iPhone handy!

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