August 2, 2012

Ten Years

The anxiety and sadness grows every year as August 1 approaches.  Yesterday was a milestone of sorts: 10 years without my Dad.  Ten years.  So much has happened in the last decade yet as I sat on the couch early yesterday morning it had only been a minute.  I remembered the pain of that phone call like it literally just happened.  I saw my Dad waving goodbye as we backed out of the driveway on July 2, 2002 to move to Tony's Air Force base in New Mexico.  He was crying.  There's something about seeing a grown man cry that is so upsetting.  I may have stopped crying by Pennsylvania.  He must have known it would be last time. 

Every year on August 1 my immediate family and I try to take the day off from work.  Yesterday was no different.  We spent the day at Third Beach in Newport.  Jill and Guy had a blast.  I think Jess and Scott did too.  Their sandcastle was impressive!

The majority of stories about my Dad are upbeat now.  Sometimes stories come up that I never knew about and they're definitely good for a laugh. 

Yesterday my brother took my Dad's vette to the cemetery.  This surprised me since I don't think Scott has been there since his funeral.  I wonder what they talked about.  I picture Scott standing there and crying.  And there's just something about seeing a grown man cry.  We miss you everyday, Dad!

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