August 9, 2012

Enjoying the Summer Chaos

Yes, I realize the weekend is almost here and I'm just now writing about last week but what can you do?  We're packing to move to my Mom's and busy with paperwork to buy our new house.  These are hectic times!

We finally named the boat!

then swam the afternoon away at my Mom's friend's house (a saltwater pool, so cool!) Jill was in the water for so long that her fingers turned to prunes, which made her upset until Tony showed her his hands! Ali invited us to stay for dinner too - it was a lot of fun!

Summer isn't complete without sparklers.  We lit this mini firework as it started to rain Sunday night just after Tony and Jill went down the hill at my Mom's to do a little fishing.  Jill lost interest quickly and proceeded to throw rocks in the water, which definitely didn't help Tony's cause!

1 comment:

  1. You just remind me my last summer. I did the same stuff that time as you are doing here. I spent a lot of time with my kayak into the whitewater and had lots of fun with each and every paddle.

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