May 12, 2012

Potty Training Diaries

I've heard the stories about potty training (mostly horror) but thought like many other "my-kid's-perfect" Moms that Jill would be a synch to potty train.  Well we're coming up on the 2.5 year mark and the end of nowhere in sight.  Like we've barely left the dock. 

Two Tuesdays ago, it was a bare bum Jill night in the Musante home.  Her bum was a little red so we let her run around bare ass.  "Potty, Jill?"  "No, Mumma.  No potty."  Then she crossed her legs.  "Potty, Jill?"  "NOOO, Mumma.  I good."  Ok then.  This went on for a bit and Tony kept running her upstairs to sit her on the toilet where she would say (literally 2 seconds later), "all done."  But not a drop.

And the leg crossing continued. 

Then she tooted.  "Potty, Mumma?"  "Yes, Jilly!  Potty!"  And we ran up the stairs (holding her at arm's length in front of me if you can imagine) and flying up the stairs straight to the bathroom.  She sits.  "All done."  Yet not a drop.  Tony came running too, apparently caught up in the potty training excitement.  Just as I thought we were out of luck, Tony yells, "MEGGG!!!" and with catlike reflexes I throw Jill back onto the seat just as the need for the potty is realized.  We cheer!  We clap!  I swear it's like someone told us we won the lottery.  Jill smiles.  She claps.  She's excited too.  This is going to be easy.  This kid loves pooping on the potty. 

As I talk through the how to's of a correct wipe, I yell (completely joking around and laughing in the process) because dangling there is a dingleberry.  BAD IDEA.  Bad Mommy.  Jill got upset.  Her excited expression turned into a look of complete terror.  And she hasn't gone on the potty since.  Good job, Mom!  ha  On the bright side, she's sat on the potty multiple times, including at school where she's been actively asking her teachers to go to the bathroom after naptime.  My little girl, the potty comeback kid!

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  1. Ellie took about 3 years to train. No joke. She will still pee her pants sometimes. She just doesn't care at all!! She has always pooped on the potty though. Charlie is 3 years and almost 5 months. He trained so quickly peeing. I just couldn't believe it. Hardly any accidents peeing from day 1. Poop is another story. I don't think he's gone once on the toilet. I am nervous because he's starting school in Sept! So we went from "want to poop on the potty?" to "please only poop your pants at home." so far, that's working!!