January 3, 2012

I Resolve

Did you make New Year's resolutions?  Did you already break them?  Resolutions can be tough to keep.  That's why they need to be realistic.  I didn't sit down and intentionally make this list.  Actually I didn't want a list of resolutions at all.  But the more I thought about it during our morning commute, the more I realized I had already consciously started doing things a little bit differently this year.

1. To make my bed. Every day.

2. Reconnect with friends.

3. To help Jill continue to learn. To keep reading. To correct her pronunciation when she says “cah” and not “car.” We can at least attempt to raise a child without a horrendous Bahston accent.

4. To appreciate Tony. Every day. So what if he throws his dirty jeans inches from the hamper and can’t complete a home improvement project to save his life. He’s a wonderful husband, father and friend. Jill and I are very lucky.

5. This is gross but to wash my hands. Every time. You can judge but I know at least some of you don’t do a full soaping every single time you go to the bathroom.

6. To feel confident in a bathing suit. This has never been the case. Maybe when I was 10 before I got my period. I’m not going to worry about the scale anymore. Lose weight, put it back on, gain muscle, however it may work itself out. I’m going to add more lifting to my workouts and throw in some different types of cardio. Maybe even feel sexy in a bathing suit. Maybe.

7. To take my vacation time. All of it.

8. For God’s sake, it’s about time I learned how to manually operate my fancy shmancy camera.

9. I’m 31 and 32 is peaking around the corner. I should take a multi vitamin. Every day.

10. Ease up. It’s ok to leave the dishes for tomorrow and to skip the gym. It happens. Life happens.

Family, friends, fitnesss, career: what are aiming to accomplish this year?  What's your focus for 2012?  Post a comment to share!

Happy New Year, my friends!

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