January 2, 2012

Having Fun in 2012

 Play-Doh pancakes?  Don't mind if I do!
Today is the New Year holiday.  Everyone I know has the day off from work, except Tony.  Jill and I drove back to Patriot Place this morning (we were there on Saturday) and met my Mom at Bass Pro Shop. 
Jill was honestly not impressed in the beginning.  I couldn't even get her to crack a smile at the fish tank.  But then, when she saw my Mom her attitude completely changed.  She couldn't stop smiling.  She took my Mom by the hand to show her the turtles.  She put bright yellow sunglasses on upside down, walked into the cave and tried to scare the bear.  "Roarrrrrrrrrrrr!!"  She ran in and out of tents and found the tree house for the first time.  How had we missed this?  She sat in all three chairs before settling on the middle one.  My Mom and I were not allowed inside.

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