November 4, 2011

The Clingy Phase Struggle

OK, this may be insensitive but isn’t it comforting to hear that other parents struggle too sometimes? It makes you feel like you’re not alone, or not an awful and clueless parent. Sometimes the stories make friends laugh, even if the incident “strangled your nerves” (inside joke with my Mom and Scott) or made you want to strangle your kid.

Jill’s been tough this week. Clingy, whiney and avoiding bedtime at all costs. All of the sudden bedtime is pushing 9pm. Hey, that’s my bedtime! We can’t wait for the time change this weekend to adjust her sleeping schedule by an hour. Cannot wait.

Jill’s clinginess translates into PICK ME UP, HOLD ME, RUB MY BACK, LOVE ME! I was relieved this week to hear that I wasn’t the only Mom who has hugged her toddler while sitting on the toilet. Nobody wants to listen to a crying kid while they’re going to the bathroom! That’s all for now.

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