October 2, 2011

October is Here!

My Mom put my hair in pigtails this weekend.
I kept them in long enough for Nana (my special weekend visitor) to take a few pictures. Then I ripped them out!
We spent Saturday in the car but it was o.k. because it was all of us: my Nana, Dad and Mom. Down to Falmouth we went to pick up my Dad's suit jacket. He forgot it there last weekend at Mark & Ali's wedding. My Mom and Dad had a really good time and came home with the wrong jacket. My Dad's jacket is now missing a button. I got hungry and cranky on the way back so my Dad pulled into the 99 in Plymouth.  My parents ordered me a grilled cheese but I ate Nana's shrimp instead.  I made Nana laugh on the way home when I pointed out the truck on the highway.  "FRUCK!," I yelled.  Nana laughed so hard she almost cried.

Sunday morning we went to the playground by Wollaston Beach.

 My parents thought I would burn some energy.
 I have A LOT of energy!
 I am nonstop.  I enjoyed walking along the beach with my Dad while Nana took my picture.
 Nana took pictures all weekend.  Thank goodness because my Mom didn't.  I love my Nana!
 I walked along the seawall with my Dad.  Didn't catch the seagull but I tried!
We met my Mom and went back to the playground.  I did a few stretching moves with her.  She ran to the playground from the house.  Crazy lady.
 More energy ... back on the swing!  so much fun!
 Sunday afternoon I helped my Dad mow the lawn.
 We raked leaves.
 We hung out with Rachael.
 Rachael is my best friend. I love her!

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