March 16, 2011

Time Change Playground Style

The morning is dark and the sun comes up later, but the evenings bring the chance to get outside.  It's 6 p.m. and still somewhat light outside.  Let's take advantage of this!  I took the girls (Jill and Rachael) for a quick walk around the block then decided to turn down the dirt side street to the playground Tuesday night.  Our neighbors and their kids were there and Jill wanted out of the stroller and fast!  She navigated the uneven grass terrain well, stopping only to greet Marilyn (the 22mth old neighbor) and their new dog, Doug.  Rachael and Doug hit it off.  Tony had a serious Dad moment when he turned right one street early to visit us at the playground instead of driving straight home.  I told him he couldn't miss Jill walking around with the other kids and checking out the slide, swingset and other equipment.  Marilyn, on the other hand, was busy going down the steep slide and doing angels on her back in the dirt.  A preview of the craziness to come!

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