March 20, 2011

The Soon-to-be Canning Family

Jess and baby Guy were showered with thoughtful cards, wonderful books, adorable outfits and more today. The shower was held at Nicole's house in Berkley. It was great to see many of the Cannings, Furzes and Ransleys, and I was really proud of Jill and how well behaved she was. Jill entertained herself and others and played with the other kids inside and out on the swingset for 3 hours! We can't wait for early May for the arrival of Guy Joseph, Jill's first cousin!

Here’s a list of 10 things we enjoyed this weekend; different things we noticed about Jill; and methods to keep it all sane. #3-10 are from Jess’s baby shower.

1. Saturday afternoon I organized Jill’s clothes for our overnight at Granna’s. Her pile included the beautiful pink and white sweater Gi-Gi Furze made, perfect for Sunday’s baby shower. It included diapers. I didn’t actually pack any of it.  Yes, none of it made it into the backpack.
2. Tony and I snuck out of my Mom’s house to grab diapers at Rite Aid. Low and behold we took the Rt. 138 loop back and pulled into Surly Johnson’s for a beer and appetizer platter. Relax at the bar from the madness known as Jill. Our kid has more energy than … us, that’s for sure!
3. Jill interacted with the many babies and toddlers at the shower. She approached 7mth. old Sophia (Nicole’s daughter) quickly then gently patted her on the head. “Gentle,” I repeated like she was petting the dog. Please don’t slap this kid’s soft spot, is what I was thinking.
4. Baby Lucy (Jen’s daughter) has quite the set of lungs! Jill walked into the room where Lucy was being changed and stood still. She listened to Lucy cry with a very concerned look across her face.
5. While Lucy was changed, Jill decided it was naptime and laid down on the rug in the middle of the room. There was far too much going on so she didn’t nap, but she thought about it, for about 4 seconds.
6. The sun was shining so we headed to the backyard and playground. Jill squealed and giggled as she rounded the corner to find Lexi, Nicole and Bob’s dog. This kid really loves dogs!
7. For an unknown reason, my Mom handed Jill a cup with “a little bit” of water. Well there was more water than estimated and it poured itself all over Jill’s chest and my sweater and leg (see pic) when Jill two-handed the cup and dumped it down her throat.
8. Do they make Swiffers for babies? Jill grabbed a damp paper towel and started wiping the wooden floor. Our house is a mess hunny, not Nicole’s!
9. Jill is a nosebag. I took her into the bathroom with me and she ran over to the vanity. Hmmm what’s in this drawer? And this drawer? Not your house, sweetie. Please shut!
10. A dare devil on the swingset. Jill played outside with 2-year-old Holly. They poked their heads through the circle at the top of the slide (I’ll try to get the pictures Jess’s cousin took with her phone) and I swear Jill would have thrown herself off if my hands weren’t connected to her bum at all times.

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