March 18, 2011

Sliding Into Spring

I saw into the near future today and it was chaotic but a lot of fun!  Temps hit 70 in Boston and Jill and I hit the playground after work.  It was our second visit and Jill seemed to discover one of the slides.  Eight steep metal steps up and a decent angle decline to the ground.  I carried Jill to the top and we went down the slide together.  That was the last time I carried her.  Jill climbed the steps on her own (right, left, one foot per step) with Mom's hands on her bum 12 more times.  Yes, we went up and down the slide 12 times, bouncing in excitement at the top and laughing out loud at the bottom each time.  She loved it!  We also played on the swing and made a mess in the sand.  I can't wait for spring!

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