January 13, 2011

Stats of a Growing Girl

A month late but Jill had her 1 year check-up this morning.  She surprised the nurses by running around the waiting room and stepping onto the scale while staying still long enough for her weight to register.  Any guesses on her stats? 

future bball star steps to the scale

Jill weighed in at 22 lbs. (54th percentile) and is nearly 31 in. tall (83rd percentile).  Four shots in the leg later and she was crying but not for very long.  She did great and was rewarded with a sheet of princess stickers.  (It starts this early??)  Developments from this appointment include cutting formula completely out of Jill's diet and gearing our efforts away from the bottle and more toward the cup.  So sad!  She seems to be growing up so quickly!

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