January 3, 2011

Maniac Monday

Monday started off interestingly enough.  A typical first day of the week starts early.  My Mom spends Sunday night on our couch (she is a trooper and our next house will have at least three bedrooms, I promise!) and Tony and I take off early to beat the Expressway traffic.  I get a solid workout in at the gym and begin the workday around 8.  Today was a little different.
Sunday night I premade a large pot of coffee to jumpstart our mornings (my Mom and I are big coffee people, Tony doesn't even like the smell).  Press Start and I heard a loud POP!  Strange, I thought, but then trusted my caffeine consumption to the coffee Gods and walked away to get dressed, etc.  When I returned to fill my travel mug I encountered this: drip, drip, drop, drop, not even a 1/3 of a cup of cold weak coffee milk.  The coffee machine crapped the bed!  So Jill and I played up our CRV/Mom mobile stereotype and hit up the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru on Sea Street on the way to my Mom's.  Coffee makes me happy! 

Why were we driving to Taunton when my Mom was at our house, you may be asking yourself.  If not, then you're not really paying attention ... but back to the story here.  My Gram Furze was feeling intense pain in her chest Sunday night and was rushed to the hospital.  My Mom got this phone call while she was navigating Quincy Center so she visited for a bit then headed home.  She knew she'd be too uneasy and anxious to sleep at our house.  So Jill and I slept in (kidding, she got up at 5:30) then drove to my Mom's.  We visited my Gram around lunchtime.  We actually ran into her in the elevator on her way to get some testing done.  She was absolutely thrilled to see Jill.  My Gram's face lit up when she saw Jill and her new Patriots winter hat (thank you, Heidi and Houston - this has already been quite a hit!) and said that we should get #12 embroidered on the back.  Yes, my Gram is 84 years old but finds Mr. Brady to be quite attractive, and also a very impressive quarterback. 

Jill wore me out today.  I'm completely exhausted.  My daughter is a maniac.  She again climbed into the tupperware cabinet and threw each container and cover onto the floor one at a time.  She emptied the large Milk bone box, one by one, then decided to chew on one of Rachael's biscuits.  Jill also very recently has discovered how much fun it is to quickly unravel the toilet paper.  Ahh the simple joys.  Pics to come!  I really need to find that camera cord ...

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