December 3, 2010

Working Out and How it Isn't Working Out

My Mom called.  I forgot my ponytail holder.  I'm tired.  It's Wednesday.  Have you seen that funny commercial of reasons a couple doesn't go to the gym.  I was totally part of that scene today at lunch.  I walked over to the gym (in my opinion the hardest part) and opened my bag to realize I had forgotten my shower flip flops, hair elastic and socks.  I could have proudly pulled up my brown and turquiose argyle socks, let the sweat stick to the hair on my neck and shower barefoot but instead I laughed, zipped up my bag and walked to Dunkin Donuts for a gingerbread coffee.


  1. grrrr I totally forgot my body wash today but remembered the deodorant. How daring will I be??