December 12, 2010

'Me' Time

What falls into the category of "me" time?  Last weekend I was putting away laundry and cleaning the bathroom, separated from Jill and Tony playing in the living room.  Tony made a comment about me having "me time."  UMMMMmmm no, SORRY, cleaning does not qualify as "me time," hunny.  Far from it.  So then when I was getting the canals of my mouth drilled out of my head that following Monday, I laughed to myself.  I was at the root canal specialist for nearly 2.5 hours.  Could this be classified as "me time"?  I'm away from Jill.  It's time to myself, right?  Wrong.  "Me time" is sitting in bed at night while Tony is downstairs watching The Wire on Netflix and I have time to blog.  It's running 3.5 miles yesterday afternoon while Tony and Jill napped on the couch.  It's running to the gym during lunch break. 

I want to soak up most time during the weekend with Jill.  Like right now.  She's sitting in front of me playing with new toys from her birthday and telling stories.  She's looking at the lights on the Christmas tree like she might pull them down.  She's pulling herself up, taking a few steps, falling to the ground and crawling.  Crawling is easier and quicker, apparently.  She's pooping her pants.  Oh no, end of blog post.

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