September 27, 2010

Vacation Time Earned


I enjoy "reading" the paper!

with my Auntie Jess at Saturday's dinner - I sat at the table in my travel seat!

out on the boat with Scott & Jess on Sunday

so innocent...

A rainy Monday is a nice day to stay home with Jill. Vacation days are wonderful - use them! We were supposed to meet Mom and Aunt Marj at the outlets but Marjie got going on Mom's closet and I said, "Don't stop!" My Mom's closet needs serious help! So Jill and I went grocery shopping then hung inside all day. She's getting over a cold, which she has since transferred to me, and I wasn't feeling too hot. She fell asleep on my chest for 1.5 hours late morning. I was torn between enjoying myself and relaxing, and wishing she had napped in her crib so I could have thrown in laundry, swept, emptied the dishwasher, etc. I decided to relax, watch my angel sleep and catch three episodes of Weeds Season 2. I'm onto Season 3 now.

This weekend was great! We got to spend time with family, go out on my aunt and uncle's boat with my brother and sister-in-law, and have dinner with Gram Furze, Stephen, Jayne and Danny. Stephen, Jayne and Danny hadn't met Jill yet so they seemed thrilled. Jill was very interested in Danny. They hit it off!

Jill's been doing a great job working her way into our dinnertime routine. Rather than starve and start dinner after Jill is asleep, Tony and I have been trying to throw something together as soon as we get home. Jill sits in her high chair next to the dining room table, enjoys her Cheerios and tries to figure out her sippy cup. Tuesday Tony got out of work early so he picked Jill up from day care. It was a treat for me to have him home at 5:30 rather than 6-6:30. We all hung out and I made pasta (wheat separately for me) and salad. We also had time to make Wednesday's lunches - a huge accomplishment! Speaking of food, I'm banning teething biscuits. Anyone who uses these cookies must freeze them (which I haven't tried) because they seem unsafe otherwise, at least at Jill's age. She was eating one at dinner Tuesday and choked. I've never seen Tony move so quickly and calmly. I was honestly impressed with both of our reactions. She was fine but it was a scary 5 or 10 seconds! I do not like those biscuits - no mas!

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