July 20, 2010

Busy, Busy Weekends!

Jill is still growing a ton and exploring nonstop. She is "Army" crawling and pulling herself up. On Monday she nearly gave my Mom a heart attack when she pulled herself up in a millisecond in the clothes basket. My Mom poured herself some water, turned around and there was Jill, standing up and smiling at her! haha I wish I had been there to see it!

Jill visited with family and friends this weekend, including special visits with two of her great-grandmothers (she is lucky to have all four great-grandmothers) and buddy Cadence. Cadence turned 1 today - Happy Birthday, sweetie pie!

Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated Tony's 30th birthday this weekend. Not that it matters when you have a child (you are forced to grow up!) but the big 3-0 solidified Tony's old man "with a wife and kid" status. Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, grilled corn and pineapple, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and lots and lots of beer; it was a fun night with great friends! It was a late night though and going to bed at 2 a.m. does not mean that Jill will sleep in. I was afraid she'd be ready to go before 5 but she gave us a break and slept in until 6. Thank God!

This week I also had the opportunity to visit my friend, Kristen, and her three-week old son, Denny. Alison and I drove to Kristen's during a long lunch break on Thursday. It was so great to see her and of course to meet Denny. What a perfect little baby! He was born at 8 lbs., 8 oz. so he's not little by any means. It seems strange to think that Jill was ever that small, and she was so much smaller!

A very dear friend of mine lost her Dad this weekend. He had been sick and they were preparing themselves for his passing. Even with all the prep in the world, it doesn't prepare you for the overwhelming surge of emotions when it actually happens. She has a little one as well. He has been an angel through her Dad's illness and a wonderful distraction for all. I'm happy her Dad had a chance to spend time with him.

My Dad comes to mind, of course, especially around this time of the summer. I think of him every day and even more so leading up to the 8-year anniversary of his death on August 1. Sometimes I feel like every year gets easier. But then I think about how awesome it would be for him to hang with Jill. He would be so in love with her. He'd take her ice fishing and coach her soccer teams. Like my Aunt Marjorie says, "It's only been a minute." We miss him very much!

On a lighter note, Jill has continued to be very easy to put to bed. I'm going to end up kicking myself for writing this when she turns into a beast at bedtime ... last night she fell asleep as soon as I put her down. I pretended we were still reading and I had time to hide in the bathroom and paint my toenails! ha, shhhh don't tell!

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