July 10, 2010

Parenthood Means Plans Can Change

The lesson of today was that plans sometimes don't happen "once Junior comes along," as Tony says. Plan to have your plans smooshed. We figured this out on our wedding anniversary - June 27 - when we didn't go out for lunch because Jill was a cranky pants all day. We'd spent the week researching menus, hours, best seating situations for the baby, you name it. Then when lunchtime rolled around, we took turns shoving sandwiches or cereal down our throats while the other tried to comfort Jill. Not very romantic. While I put Jill to bed later that night, Tony made a delicious dinner and set the table complete with candlelight. Now that was romantic, and very thoughtful. Can't believe it's been 8 years; I'm very lucky to have such a great guy!

So our day was completely rearranged this morning when Jill woke up with conjunctivitis in her right eye. It was very mild but I knew as soon as I saw the redness and watering. We spent the summers as kids at the community pool in Dighton; I know all about pink eye! She itched her eye for part of the day but it didn't seem to dampen her mood. She was a goofball all day! She had a great time at the doctor's office. She weighed 16 lbs., 6 oz. and was very interactive during her visit. The NP commented she was VERY active and would be walking in no time. She prescribed ointment 3 times a day for 7 days.

Since conjunctivitis is very contagious, we decided pass on Cadence's first birthday party. We were really looking forward to it but are planning to see Tim, Hesper and Cadence very soon. Later in the afternoon, we took a walk down the beach and stopped at Jenna's 30th birthday party. We stayed in our own spot in the living room, sort of isolated from others. No need to spread the pink eye around! Jill wouldn't have contact with any babies or kiddos at Jenna's so we thought it would be a safe bet. Jill was standing up on the couch while holding onto Tony, no support needed. She seemed quite pleased with herself!

Sweet potatoes were on yesterday's menu for the first time. She finished a whole jar at day care on Friday and another this afternoon, not included the portion left on her face and outfit! See above...

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