July 6, 2010

Peas and Carrots and Family Visits

Peas, Carrots & Family Time! (view slideshow)

There have been many chances (but no opportunity to sit down and do so) to blog, post facebook status updates and tweet; many cute things Jill has learned and done that have already made me so proud. I shy away from fb as Tony jokingly calls it "Mombook" and I figure those without kids and/or with no interest would be annoyed by the constant "Junior pulled himself up today. Isn't he wonderful?" And so I write those here.

Jill is 7 months old today. She's trying new baby food flavors, sitting up by herself, babbling nonstop and pulling herself up. This weekend she enjoyed time with her Nana and Popa visiting from Vermont; her Aunt Andrea visiting from Maine; Cousin Patty and her husband Clint visiting from Colorado (Patty is in town for a month for work); and her Granna up for her usual weekly visit. Tony and I had Monday off to observe the 4th of July holiday but my Mom didn't want to go another week without seeing her grandbaby.

Kathleen, one of Jill's teachers at school, said she devoured her peas today. Peas were her favorite until carrots came along. She loved carrots right away. Can't get enough of them! The bright colors make for a mess, but also for great photos! She's also tried and liked pears, bananas and apples in that order. Not the biggest fan of apples with still tolerates them.

Jill is definitely developing more of a personality these days. She's a social butterfly like her Mom. She likes to play, bounce, eat, read then pass out. She's been falling asleep earlier this week. Maybe it's the heat? I'm not complaining - bedtime has been a piece of cake! I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. I am so happy that you had so much family with you! I am loving the blog and hope you may be able to see Em and her kids sometime while she is in town too.