June 15, 2010

Social Butterfly

Jill was quite the social butterfly this weekend! She visited with Mark and Ali Friday night; Aunt Jess and Uncle Scott, Granna and Ethan on Saturday (I had to ration Jill time Saturday night between Ethan and Jess); and Laurel and Matt and Granna on Sunday. She loves all the attention and definitely puts on a show for the camera now!

Jill experienced the Silver City Galleria on Saturday. My Mom and I took her to the mall in her stroller. She was taking it all in and even had a bottle at Bertucci's while we had a late lunch. She was a very good girl!

Teething has begun. Jill has been fighting naps more often than not and put up a stink before bed last night. She was still asleep around 8 and slept through the night but I have a feeling that may change shortly. She passed out tonight but maybe that means she'll be up around midnight ... we'll see! Poor kid. Can't be fun cutting teeth!

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