June 10, 2010

A Special First Mother's Day

A month late, but a Mother's Day recap:

I'd like to say I slept in and lounged in bed half the day, but that wasn't the case. Tony actually took Jill and let me sleep until 8 (that's late!) on Saturday though, which was very nice ... So my first Mother's Day as a Mom was very special. The three of us drove to Melrose in the cold and windy weather (oh New England) so that I could run in a road race with some friends from work. It was 3.5 miles and I finished with a better time than I had hoped! My running buddy's husband said we ran about 9.34 min miles. Not too shabby; I'm just happy I made it through the finish line running!

We did a family run to Hannaford's, always fun with Jill in the carrier. It was her first time in the carrier facing forward. She loved it! She didn't want anything to do with us though. She was too busy looking around at everyone else, taking in all the sounds, colors and smells of the grocery store. Must be sensory overload! Jill also tried rice cereal for the first time this weekend. She was skeptical at first but seemed to like it. I think she liked making a mess more. She also chose this weekend to finally roll over for us. She rolled for my Mom weeks earlier but we hadn't witnessed it yet. Well on Mother's Day, Jill rolled over and wouldn't stop! What a showoff - ha!

Jill also got to visit her Aunt Jess and Uncle Scott and to play with Cadence, Hesper and Tim onh Saturday. I think Jill gets a kick out of watching Cadence eat bananas and try to walk. What a grown up, she must think. It's amazing to see the difference in Cadence's development compared to Jill's. It's just a few months away and Jill will be walking and eating human food like Cadence!

Tony made a special Mother's Day dinner for me and my Mom - lobster! It was delish!!

We made a photo book for a belated gift for my Mom. She brought it to work to show off and she looks at it all the time. Here's the link:

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