July 16, 2013

So What Did You Do This Weekend?

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  It's an inevitable Monday morning coffee station question.  And yet so many times I can't remember.  "Oh, you know, hung out with the fam."  Well the weekend following the 4th we said goodbye to Andrea and Kathleen in the morning and made our way to my Mom's friend's pool.  Ali has a saltwater pool and two LARGE dogs, one of which enjoys taking a dip.

Sunday morning we drove to Third Beach in Newport to meet my brother, Jess and Guy and Jenny, Brian and their family.  Liz, Dave and Lily were there too.  We ate breakfast on the boat and swam off the back for a couple hours.  This weekend was all about staying in the water as much as possible.  The humidity was not pleasant so the cooler pool or ocean water was refreshing!

And of course ice cream from Somerset Creamery never hurt either!

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