July 17, 2013

Showering Al

A few weekends ago we celebrated Al's wedding shower at the Fox and Hound in Quincy.  It was so nice to catch up with these ladies!

 It reminded me of all the fun times we've shared, inlcuding this random night out in Boston.

We did it up for Kristen's bachelorette party,
wedding shower
 and destination wedding in Mexico.

 We spent time at numerous work events,

and celebrated St. Ralph's Day(s),
 birthdays and pregnancies,
 and births.

 Getting the kids together for apple picking

I'm very lucky to have Jocelyn, Kristen, Al and Shannon in my life.  With the exception of Joce (we were college roommates), I met and befriended these ladies after college.  You know, when it's harder to make new friends and you think there may not be enough time, patience or energy to make new girlfriends.  That's when I met this crew.  And I'm so lucky I did! 

We are really looking forward to celebrating Al's wedding to Jason in early September!

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