July 31, 2013

Cape Weekend

I'm typing in HTML - somewhat impressed with myself - but at the same time slightly annoyed with Blogger that I can't click between pictures to add info. So here goes. The first pic is from last Wednesday when I met Kristen for a Rueben minus the sauerkraut (is it still a Rueben then?), Guinness and Harpoon Summer at Tommy Doyle's. We were joined by some previous co-workers, some of my favorites, as we moved to the outdoor patio to unwind. The other pictures are from last weekend. They include a Saturday beach trip from Chatham to Falmouth to celebrate Kelley's bachelorette party, a shot of Tony's big catch from his fishing charter and some pics from the Whites' (Ethan's in-laws) gorgeous home in Chatham, complete with matching tattoos.

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