June 14, 2013

Showering Kelley

Last weekend my college roommates and I met literally halfway between the Eastern and Western parts of the state at Kelley's house in Grafton for her bridal shower. 

It was really nice to see everyone again.  Christine (right) had a baby girl 7 weeks ago.  Maggie (black dress) and her boyfriend are doing so well that he's moving in.  Elisa (left) and her husband Tim seem close to selling their condo; and Kelley (middle left) is, of course, getting married soon.  Elisa, Jen (white pants), Maggie and Christine are all teachers and are very ready for summertime.  Kelley and I wish we had followed this career path every June!

Kelley's Mom was also at the shower, sick and struggling but wouldn't have missed it.  She passed away a few days later.  It was surreal to read Kelley's text that she was gone.  I left her a voice mail that her Mom knew she would be cared for by Jordan, her husband-to-be.  There's nothing else you can say.  Tony and I are headed out to Grafton tonight for her memorial celebration.  Kelley is a seriously tough woman and I hope that I can hold it together for her later on today!

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