May 4, 2013


So OK, I've been on a sort of blog hiatus.  It's not that we don't have anything going on or that we don't have any new pictures to share.  It's actually the opposite.  Our household has been extra busy with getting the boat ready for summer and spending long hours outside.  The past few nights we haven't eaten dinner until after 7.  Instead, while Tony mowed the lawn the other night, Jill and I took Rachael for a walk down the street which turned into a run.  Jill sprinting down the street, pumping those little arms and keeping them almost straight, looking just awkward enough to be hysterical and adorable at the same time.  She turned her head to yell to me, "Look Mumma!  I'm exercising!!"  I just wanted her to turn around and watch where she was going before she ran straight into a mailbox. 

Here's a look of what we've been up to, in no particular order because I can't remember:

 posing by the sunset
 "Look Momma, I'm Cinderella"
 new outfit from Nana
 warmer weather is here - time for wiffleball,
playing on the swingset,
 and uncovering the boat.
 Jill and her cousin, Guy, helping uncover the boat.

 that same afternoon we checked out the fair at Bristol Aggie
Jill loved the turtles!
 one of the small turtles poking its head out to say hello

 This definitely happened: Jill walking a goat.
 Here's the purple pansy she picked out in the greenhouse.
 Then we met Mel and Cole at Somerset Creamery for the first time this season.

 Dighton Town Hall playground visit
 she loves this place

 smelling the daffodil she picked for Nana for her visit a few weekends ago
 Friday morning snuggle session
 making tea for Nana
 storytime at the library with Nana
 Dad and his tractor and Jill and her Jeep
 picnic at Dighton Rock Park with her buddies
 backyard fire with Ethan
There goes the Christmas tree!
 sandbox play time with Lily and Guy
Gone fishing

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