May 25, 2013

Barboza Family Visit

It's Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  It's barely 50 degrees and it's rainy.  Not the best combo for a family with a boat that went into the water on Friday.  Instead of the first ride of the season today, Tony dropped me and Jill at the library while he went to the dump.  We stopped at the boatyard to check on the boat then hit the grocery store.  We (Tony) painted the dining room from dark brown to a pale yellow, which I attempted to start on my own on Friday.  Let's just say that some large pieces of artwork will need to cover that wall because my primer coat did not come out smooth.  It's a mess, really. 

The Barboza Family came over late afternoon.  Cole helped me wake Jill from her nap (she actually put herself down for a nap!) and then they continued to play and get along really well -for the most part- until after 8.  My Mom joined us for dinner.  Ribs on the grill with the secret Musante family sauce.  The cookies 'n' cream ice cream from Mel and Brian was a hit too.  Jill and Cole ended the evening in their PJs...

 super cool in their sunglasses
 where's Cole's sock?
 dancing up a storm
 Dr. Jill at your service
 jammie time!

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