April 7, 2013

Grandma's 80th

Another weekend came and went way too quickly.  On Friday, we brought chicken, rice, watermelon and pizza to Gram Furze's for dinner.  On her way out the door Jill said to my Mom, "Granna, you used to change my diaper on this couch when I was a baby!"  Does she really remember that long ago; or was she talking about late 2012 before she was officially potty trained?  I wonder... Tony and I were rebels and stayed up about 2 hours later than a typical Friday night and watched The Hangover II.  I'd recommend it.  We had some good laughs!

Saturday we celebrated Grandma Smith's 80th birthday at her house in Athol.  Jill had a blast playing with her aunties and handing out hugs to Grandma and Nana.  On the way home, we stopped at Uno's in Leominster for a snack with Andrea and Chris.  Jill was attached to Chris's side.  Late afternoon our friend Heidi came over.  We relaxed on the front porch with drinks while Jill ran around in a dress barefoot (now it was getting cool).  Heidi read Jill a book before bed and then Heidi, Tony and I drank beer (gluten free for Heidi), told stories and laughed all night.  Operation Get-To-Bed-Early failed, again.  Oh well, it was really nice to visit with Heidi.  It had been awhile!

Today included breakfast by Heidi, a family trip to BJ's and a walk around the neighborhood.  While Tony tried to get Jill to nap, I did the grocery shopping at Hannaford's.  The funny part is that we went to Market Basket after BJ's earlier in the day.  We drove into the parking lot and turned around.  It was entirely too crowded for a kid who desperately needed a nap.  Did I mention she just finally fell asleep in Tony's armpit, at 5:40 p.m.??

Saturday's sunset from the front porch

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  1. I am so happy you made it to Grandma's!! I wish I lived closer. I spoke to her later that night and she was so happy that you were all there! Jill is getting soooo big!