January 25, 2013


Life has been hectic and I haven't been good about keeping up with Jill's blog.  My apologies!  Here's what we've been up to:

Hand-me-down dress up clothes from Karen
"Mermaid Jilly"
 Snow = sleigh rides at day care
 The following day was Princess & Prince Day!
(not that we need a special day to pretend our daughter is a princess)
 Tony and I went to our first-ever Patriots game on Sunday, Jan. 13 vs. the Texans. Thank you, Tyla & my Mom for watching Jill!
Jill's been enjoying swim lessons with her buddy, Cole, on Saturday mornings despite the not-so-warm water temps.
After last week's lesson, we headed out to Webster to visit Tim, Hesper, Cadence & Addison.
The girls have a ton of fun when they get together. They dragged each other around in the sled, dodged the train in the basement and jumped on Cadence's bed.  Shhh, don't tell Tim!
 Did I mention they played dress up?
 getting them to look at the same time and smile has become quite the task

Ashley and Chris came over late afternoon & watched the girls chase each other in circles. I wonder if they will decide to wait to start a family.  My parents used to say my babysitting jobs were the best form of birth control!

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