January 9, 2013

The Things That Come Out of Her Mouth

Kids say some funny things. I noticed it firsthand a few months ago when we were hanging out with Tim, Hesper, Cadence and Addison. Cadence is one of Jill’s best buddies. She’s a little bit older and can be quite the chatterbox. Well Jill’s there now. She speaks in paragraphs. She tells stories. She makes up songs while she dances. She head bangs to Metallica. Wait, that has nothing to do with this post.

She wants to read new books. Of course she has her favorites. I have a feeling she’s going to be mad at the end of 4 weeks when we have to return our library books! One favorite, a Dora book about a mermaid named Mariana, starts off with Dora and her friend, Boots, cleaning up the beach. There’s a juice box and a food wrapper on the ground. “Do you see more trash?” I asked Jill. She pointed to the crushed soda cans in the beach grass and yelled, “Beer cans!” Oh dear.

Kids say funny things about potty training, bath time and their private parts. They even come up with funny phrases to comment on the weather. This morning’s sky was filled with heavy fog. I told Jill we should leave a few minutes early in case we got stuck behind slow drivers, cautious due to the weather. “It’s kinda froggy out today,” she said. Hahahah classic.

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