January 31, 2013

Saving for the Perfect Pink Dress

We’ve tried stickers, candy corn, presents and praise. All we really needed was the ceramic pink and yellow piggy bank from Auntie Kathleen. Last night after Jill went to the bathroom on the potty and asked for a second piece of cake (this was almost 8pm mind you), I scoured the room for other prize-like objects. “Great job, Jilly! You get a BIG hug from Mommy!” doesn’t work anymore. This kid lives in a commercially-aware world. She knows a girl can get more for her positive potty behaviors than a lame hug and kiss on the cheek from Mom.

“How about coins for your piggy bank?!” I asked with all sorts of exaggerated excitement. “YES!!!!!!” Jill screamed. I think we found our sticker chart.

Fast forward to this morning: Jill is standing on her stool, looking in the mirror and successfully avoiding the Dora toothbrush. Here comes the bribery. “How about Mom gives you a coin for your piggy bank after you brush your teeth?” Mouth drops open.

“We can ask Dadda for 20 coins and we can go and buy a pretty pink dress today,” Jill said. Now I know you’ve found our candy jar. I politely explain that saving for a dress takes time, a number of trips to the potty and many nights and mornings of tooth-brushing.

Jill continues her fussing while we sit on my bed and attempt to brush her hair.
     1. Spray detangler.
     2. Offer money.
The bird’s nest is combed.

Correction: Saving for a pretty pink dress takes time, a number of trips to the potty and many nights and mornings of tooth- AND hair-brushing.

Something tells me that this piggy bank may be life-altering, and I hope it’s the truth!

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