October 31, 2012


Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something .... thank God we talked Jill out of reciting those fresh words tonight.  I don't know where she learned that but I'm guessing Colton!  hahaha What do you think, Tyla? 

Anyways, Tony and I commuted back together and were home in time to get Jill to Gram Furze's house a little after 5pm.  My Mom met us there.

 Here's Jill posing in her "fairy princess" gear.
Jill was SO excited when Guy arrived that it distracted her for a second and I threw on the wings she did not want to wear.
 It made for a few cute pictures with her cousin.
 This one is my favorite.
 Then Guy escaped.
 We grabbed a Canning family picture, barely.
And headed back to our neighborhood where we met Scott, Jess and Guy again.  Down the street we walked, Guy and cooler resting comfortably in the wagon, until we reached Jenny's house.  Jenny's house was a ZOO.
We tackled the neighborhood with 10 kids and maybe 20 adults.  Liz called it a "gang."  It was so much fun I almost cried.  Literally, I wanted to cry because I was so happy that we moved back "home" and had family and friends nearby.  What a great group of people!
The Seuss-Gooch Gang

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