August 14, 2012

The Potty Training Chronicles

I didn't want to scare any new visitors away with "The Poop Times" or "Shit Happens (Literally)" or more visual titles, so I stuck with the safe bet to gently indicate that what you're about to read may involve poop.  There's your disclaimer.  Fair warning.

Potty training has been slow-going.  Some days I joke that companies should provide paid leave to parents during the potty training times of their toddlers' lives.  How else is she really going to get it, right?  Jill's peed on the potty sporadically at school and it's like the entire classroom just won the lottery.  Like they all chipped in $5 each week for the last 2.5 years of their short lives and it finally paid off.

We extend this excitement into the weekend and reward Jill with stickers and/or cookies.  Tony cheers and claps and it's absolutely one of the cuter things to witness in life.  On Saturday, Jill peed AND pooped on the potty with Tony there to assist.  It sounded like things were going well from the standing point in my Mom's hallway so I didn't poke my head around the corner.  I didn't want to ruin any concentration, relaxation or progress.  Each time Jill seems to tense up, Tony reminds her to "relax" and they sigh together loudly complete with shoulder shrug and drop.

It seemed like we were on a roll on Sunday when the two of them ran to the bathroom once again.  Then, from the other room, I hear Tony yell, "Ummmm, can I get a little help in here?"  I assumed they were too late and Tony's request would include wipes and Mom to change the poopy training pants.  I rounded the corner to see a chunk of poop (or two?) on the bathroom floor and Jill laughing. Wow, I was NOT expecting that!  We all laughed as I dropped to my knees to scoop up the poop.  I guess we were too late on that attempt!

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