August 13, 2012

So We Moved in With My Mom

We may have picked the most humid week of the summer to pack up the last four years of our lives. Here's a sweaty Jill after playing outside after school one day last week.
Then we actually packed Jill!
Taunton then Berkley or BUST
Saturday morning our dear friend, Heidi, came to take Jill for a few hours so that we (Tony) could do the bulk of the packing, the heavy lifting if you will.  Jill enjoyed a chocolate chip muffin from Dunkin's and Tony proceeded to sweat through his t-shirt from all the lifting and loading.
 Jill was excited to stop at Heidi's and see her dog, Hersey; and fish, Lisa, Angela, Pamela and Renee (yeah LL Cool J) 
Then they went to visit Mark and his boys, Ryan and Jack.  The kids were jumping on the bed while Mark told them scary stories complete with flashlight for effect.  It was nice to hear that Jill played well with the boys and was well-behaved.  #ProudMomMoment
 filling up Quincy Bay with rocks
arranged marriage? 

Jill had a great morning meeting new friends and spent the afternoon at Cole's 1st birthday party.  It was a ridiculously busy day! 

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