August 22, 2012

Running Jill Into the Ground

There's no delicate way to say it.  My kid needs to be run into the ground every. single. day.  If she doesn't get enough activity, she won't nap.  She's cling.  She'll be semi-annoying.  She'll be awful at bedtime.  This 2.5-year-old needs serious playtime with other children.  This week those playmates have been Tyla's twins, Cadence and Colton.

Jill started a new day care on Tuesday.  Here she is at Tyla's home day care with "Ca Ca" and "Colty."
 MMMM ice cream!
building a "princess sandcastle"

Tyla sent me a message that you would never be able to tell it was Jill's first day.  "She's all about the dress up shoes with the heals.  She's playing outside with a tutu, heals, purse over her shoulder and pushing a doll stroller." 

 artwork from Jill's first day
practicing writing her name

It must have taken a lot of effort to keep up with the 4-year-old twins because Jill literally went up to Tyla and told her it was time for her to nap!

We expected her to come home and plop on the couch but there was no slowing down.  Meanwhile, Tony and I were ready for bed!

thrilled with Tyla's pigtails
 I forgot how much fun a simple hula hula hoop could be!
 what a sweetie

Here's Jill Wednesday night before dinner.
 running around in her new dress from Granna
She's much more graceful than she looks!

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