April 3, 2012

A Terrible Yet Perfect Toddler

Dear Jill,
You're a funny kid.  You seriously crack me up lately. Like out loud.  And you know I'm not a big LOLer.

Lately, after we finish reading books in bed, you've been playing with my hair.  Then you kiss me on the lips (I don't know where you got that from) and say, "I love you, Mumma."  And your Mom - being the sap that she is - proceeds to let her eyes fill up with tears.  "I love you too, Jilly," I say as you smile back at me.  Your smile is so wide that your eyes turn into moons; I like to call them "Canning" moons.  And you remind me of my Dad.

You're in the middle of the Terrible Two's.  There's no question about that.  Your Dad and I joke that you're bipolar some nights, a mental illness we really shouldn't joke about, but it seems to be the only comment that gets us to laugh and not grab another beer from the fridge.  And it's not just in the evening that you've been a challenge. 

This picture wasn't taken before bedtime.  It was snapped this morning to capture the sheer protest of you refusing to get dressed for school.  I sent it to your Dad so that he would feel (a little bit) guilty for going into work early and leaving me with you - an unruly toddler - to get out the door by 7.  "Leave me alone, Mumma, peas (please)," you snapped.  Well that's a new one.  You wouldn't brush your hair or teeth BUT we did get dressed and we did make it to day care.

Today was your first official full day in the next toddler room.  Moving on up!  From Infant/Toddler to Toddler with Miss Natasha and Miss Lynnicia, both excellent teachers, and you were ready.  Last week while transitioning, I worried about how you would get along with a new group.  More rules, a more stringent schedule, (hopeful) potty training.  Well you impressed me again, Miss Jill, when you brought home this activity sheet last Friday:

Things I'm still working on: nothing
Excuse me?  How are you so perfect, Miss Jill??  :)

I love you, sweetie.

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