March 5, 2012

South of the Border

 the room was amazing, and that's just one of the beds!
 I took two baths last week, two more than I have in the last I don't know how many months at home.
 Tuesday sunrise
 We got out of our meeting Tuesday afternoon and hit the beach!
These pictures are much more fun than the shots from inside the meeting!

 nice view from the bar
 the antics that go along with sales meetings
 Aleks & Amy
 obsessed with the infinity pool!!
 the Veracyte crew Wednesday afternoon
 We went into town late Thursday morning
 to check out the beach
 and enjoy an authentic Mexican breakfast.
 A cloud by the pool Thursday afternoon?  WTH
 mmmmm tasty
 Thursday night Awards Dinner with Michelle & Shelley
my girl

Found this guy dead in my luggage Saturday night.  So apparently I had a roommate!

OK here comes the truth. ... I was so scared and so nervous to be away from Jill and Tony for an entire week.  And then, all of the sudden, it was Friday and I was waiting for the transportation service to bring us to the airport.  The week flew by.  The meeting agenda was jammed.  I was learning a ton, hanging out with great people (a new team for me!) and enjoying amazing weather.  I felt guilty for not feeling guilty.  I was Mom duty-free for 5 days and it was wonderful! 

My Mom had Jill Sunday night through Monday and my mother-in-law, Kim, spent a chunk of her school vacation sleeping on our couch so that she could spend time with Jill and help Tony in his single Dad-hood.  I knew Jill was in good hands. 


  1. Did you die when you found that thing dead? Because I totally would have!! What in the world happened to his tail!!

  2. I thought Tony had played a joke on me and it was plastic. Poor fella didn't have a chance :( I have no idea what happened to his tail!