March 6, 2012

Back to Boston

 skimming rocks at Wollaston Beach
Ok, this was funny.  I was folding laundry in the living room Monday night when Tony was like, "Meg, come here!" Jill was sitting on the kitchen floor going through my work bag.  She had put on my sunglasses and flipped her hair off her shoulder.  Future fashion diva?
My drink less strategy for the work trip to Playa del Carmen = drink red wine.  I hate it and I'll sip slowly.  Well apparently I just hadn't tried the right red yet.  I don't know which they served at the dinners but it was delicious.  As I was telling our friend, Ethan, this Saturday night at the house he seemed slightly offended.  I completely forgot that he gave us a bottle of red for our housewarming, years ago.  Well we cracked it open and it was sooooooo good!  Thank God Tony and Ethan stuck to beer so I could savor this bottle for a few more days.

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