January 12, 2012

A Well-Behaved Surprise

A funeral home is a strange place for a 2-year-old.  But this modified mansion was different.  It had a bathroom/sitting area upstairs with a thick mustard-colored rug.  It was perfect for kids and their coloring books and older kids with their Mythology flashcards.  So that's where we spent the majority of our time last night at Justine's sister's wake.  I paid my respects and cried when Justine and I hugged.  Tony brought Jill in to meet Justine.  Her face, as well as her Mom's, lit up when they saw Jilly for the first time.  It was comforting in such a sad situation.  Upstairs, Jill was shy at first but warmed up to the other kids and Julie, Justine's wife, quickly.  She didn't talk very much but when she did everyone listened.  Isn't it funny how all the adults in a room can fixate on one baby or toddler?  They fascinate us! 

From there we went to the 99 in Milford for dinner.  I'll admit I was nervous.  Our last restaurant outing was a disaster.  Jill wanted nothing to do with her seat, food or crayons.  So when we pulled into the parking lot, Tony and I were on the same wavelength: tell our server we may need to-go containers, and fast!

But Jilly surprised us both.  She was so well-behaved.  She ordered pasta and thanked our server Lizza.  She flashed smiles at neighboring couples, two of which commented on how pretty she was.  She devoured her plate of rigatoni that looked like it was portioned for a 5- or 6-year-old.  She danced to music in the outdoor waiting area as we walked back to the truck.  She was holding Tony's hand and he looked slightly embarrassed.  ha!

And then yes, we were those parents we always comment about.  Jill was fussy on the way home.  She'd had a full day at school and then we stuffed her in the car seat for an hour and 15 minutes.  Of course she was pissed.  I would be too.  So Tony logged into Netflix on his phone and passed it to Jill.  Toy Story 3 and not another peep.

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