January 9, 2012

An Abnormal Weekend

Some pictures from the weekend:
new towel from Nana
Tony and I had were invited to the Bruins/Canucks Saturday afternoon "rematch."
We met Heidi and Kyle at Hurricane's before the game. The drinking continued at the Garden. It was too convenient. Our section had a server!
As you can see, I was excited about this.
Also very happy about our club section seats!
We had a center ice view of the fights, and there were plenty.
We had a view of the attractive Senator Scott Brown.
The game was such a cool experience, we almost didn't notice the Bruins lost 4-3.
After the game, we headed to Clarke's where we met up with Brian Gallagher and Corey I-Don't-Know-His-Last-Name but he went to Westfield, Ethan, Jenna and Tim and Ali and Mark.
It was so much fun to see everyone! From there we headed to the Seaport, where Kyle lives. We checked out his apartment and roofdeck. The water views are amazing and it's the perfect spot to listen to a summertime concert at the Pavilion. On to Legal Test Kitchen for dinner.
Then to Whiskey Priest to meet up with Ela and Heidi's other friends. A familiar face - my cousin Hilary! It was very nice to run into her! Our night ended there where we decided to call it quits around 11:30. Out for 12 hours straight - not bad!
Meanwhile, my cutie pie had a sleepover at Granna's house. We brought her there Saturday morning and she had no problem saying bye to us. She knew she'd be spoiled by Granna for the day. They also visited Gi-Gi Furze in Dighton.
the studious one, looks just like Tony as a baby!
a ponytail. Can you stand it? She looked SO grown up!

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