December 2, 2011

Two Things

A faithful reader sent me the link to an interesting article about Multitasking Moms yesterday.  Funny and ironic indeed since it was the topic of discussion in our house last night.  The balancing act of two fulltime working parents and how it sometimes, well doesn't work. 

It was midway through the week and the toilet paper and whole milk were running dangerously low.  Two things you do not want to run out of in the Musante household.  How can we be down to one extra roll?  I tortured myself over the lack of preparation.  Bad Mommy! 

Busy work schedules for both of us on Tuesday and Wednesday translated into a lack of gym time for me.  In comes Bitch Mom.  Sorry, but I need to get my run in.  Casually I suggested to my dear husband last night that a few times a week he could bathe Jill while I got in some elliptical time.  What's he doing during tubby time, you ask?  Watching TV.  It's his equivalent to my destressing time on the elliptical.  No, I'm serious.  He actually said this.

And so today I decided that irregular lunchtime runs weren't going to cut it anymore.  I'm signing the family up at the Y and getting my butt out of bed a little bit earlier (it's dark anyway so what's the difference?) to get to the gym for its 5 a.m. opening.  And that's that.

Four paragraphs later, item #2.

I frequent bebehblog attack of the ginger babies.  It's a witty and funny blog that led me to Baby Rabies.  No surprise here, I was intrigued by the abnormal-almost-disturbing title and selected it from Suzanne's Blogroll list.  This is what I found:
Elf on a Bender from the Baby Rabies blog

Tell me this isn't the funniest thing you've seen all week.  I was laughing out loud and I'm not the type to lol solo.  For years I actually believed that "Santa's birds" were watching my brother and I through the windows.  They flew back to the North Pole and reported to Santa whether we were being good or beating the crap out of each other.  And then comes the Elf on the Shelf.  What a marketing scam!  I think I'll buy one this weekend.  Hmmmm places the elf can spy from: sitting on the lid of the potty, clinging for dear life from the recycle bin.  We - meaning Tony and I - could have a lot of fun with this before Jill is old enough to actually appreciate that creepy elf!

An added note: "Two Things" is blog post #300 so thanks for still reading!

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