December 12, 2011

Sleepovers and Ugly Sweater Parties

Jill's first sleepover Saturday night at Uncle Scott & Aunt Jess's house. As you can see, she was happy to spend time with her cousin, Guy!
Jill: I'll help you with tummy time.  See, it's not that bad!
soooooo ready to crawl!
My Mom's a Saint. She stayed at the house while Jess, Scott and I went to Tyla's Ugly Sweater Party.  Sorry, Mom, your scrubs aren't really ugly!
Jess is crafty.  She broke out the hot glue gun for these bad boys!
me & Ty
This is what I came home to.  A sweet angel asleep on a "big girl" mattress. 
Sunday morning: Everyone's still asleep.  Let's color!

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