December 5, 2011

The Enchanted Village

 What's this all about, Mom?  BTW, I'm not staying in this seat for long.
 Aunt Jess, Granna & Jill waiting in line. This place must be a zoo on the weekends!
 Jill in her new birthday outfit from Aunt Kathleen.  It garnered many compliments!
 Scenes from inside the Village
déjà vu for my Mom who would take my brother and I to see the display at Jordan Marsh in Downtown Crossing years ago
 Guy (7 mths), Jess & Jill (2 yrs)
sitting around the family room - the sets, antique clothing and animation were impressive!
twirling around in the snowfall - Jill's favorite part along with the music at the exit. She stopped there to dance, clap, yell and squeal.
 Mom & Guy
 Jill was very excited to see Guy stand.
Jess & Guy

The indoor Enchanted Village display at Jordan's in Avon is obviously a different set-up than years ago in Downtown Crossing.  My Mom and brother both remember our visits to The Enchanted Village.  I was apparently 5 the first year we went.  Back in the day, my brother was a sensitive kid.  My Mom would route us down specific streets to avoid the homeless folks sitting on heating grates.  Scott would cry and beg my Mom to help them.  A sharp difference from his views these days, ie. "get a job."

Anyways, today was a vacation day.  It was meant as an early birthday celebration with Jill.  We met my Mom, Jess and Guy at Jordan's Furniture in Avon to check out the holiday display.  Jill's favorite part was definitely the fake snow falling from ceiling.  She actually looked angry each time the snow stopped.  Our trip to The Enchanted Village was certainly the highlight of the day as Jill skipped her nap and fought bedtime until 8:15.  I don't know where she gets all of her energy from!

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